Branch Network
  • Moratuwa

    011 2 647564 / moratuwa@lifelogy.lk

  • Mathugama

    034-2249939 / matugama@lifelogy.lk

  • Elpititya

    091-2291633 / elpitiya@lifelogy.lk


Team LIFE LOGY (PVT) LTD was begun the mission since 24th July 2012 and we have come today to here with extensive growth. And we got the attraction of the people in our coverage with focusing our elegant services to the customers. Really we are in the hearts of our members with this superlative service process of our officers.

We step forwarded to our geographical network to Kalutara in 2016 and situated a new branch in Elpitiya with beginning the 2017.

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Success Stories

TEAM LIFELOGY is always providing such a valuble support to Uplift livelihood development by encouraging the members for their well-maintained entrepreneurship. As a company we can proud ourselves because there are lots of success stories behind us and hopefully more to come. The dedication of our team is the significant fact to achieve these milestones.
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Our Product

The Micro Financial Credit Culture was introduced by Social Entrepreneur, Banker, Economist and Civil Leader, Professor Mohammad Yunus of Bangladeshi in 1980 for poor and the base of active economical people as assistance and helping hand. With that he brings forward the Concept of Grameen and for his concept
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News & Events

We, the Team of Lifelogy are always giving especial attentions to the Special Institutional Events and all other Organizing Events of company for develop Social Capital, Staff Motivations and Customer Attractions and Motivations. Because of the said events we approach the growth of Company, Staffs and Customers through the
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Special Events

Begining Of Lifelogy

We began the mission on 24th July 2012 with five staff members including the Chairman of the company
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2nd Anniversary of Lifelogy

We celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of the company with all staff members and their families as signally. Go To Event

4th Anniversary of Lifelogy

And again we confirmed that we have powerful customer strength with 4th Anniversary.
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Contact Us

Head Office

TP - 011 2 647564

Email -headbranch@lifelogy.lk

Address -No.142/1/1, Galle Road, Idama, Moratuwa.

Human Resource Department

077 –0110708

Finance Department

077 – 0110707

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